4 Great Reasons To Work With Us

why-content-01-200x1501. Because financial housekeeping shouldn’t take a back seat to running your business.

This happens all too easily. Who can worry about financial planning when there are clients to serve? Or worse yet, not enough clients to serve. But neglecting the numbers can hurt your on going success as a business; it can even put you out of business. Don’t let a lack of time to focus on your financial affairs hold you back—we can help you! We’ll identify savings and tax-advantaged solutions for you while you devote your time to growing your dog business.

why-content-03-200x1502. Because it pays to have an accountant who understands the world of dog businesses.

At Dollars & Scents, we’ve been there. Teaching dog training classes, training one on one, taking board & train clients. There’s a reason we specialize in dog businesses—we have a lot to offer them. We can share ideas with you that others who don’t have the same experience may overlook. And our financial services are tailored to dog professionals, from sole proprietors to fully staffed training and daycare facilities.

why-content-04-200x1503. Because your business is important and shouldn’t be treated as small potatoes.

Ever had to deal with the intimidation factor of a large accounting organization? Ever been made to feel that your business is too small to warrant proper service or attention? Well, you don’t have to ever again. At Dollars & Scents, we deliver big-city, big-firm quality, but we’re small town at heart. Just your friendly neighborhood CPA—with dog hair all over her sweater.

why-content-02-200x1504. Because it’s time-consuming to find an accountant locally who comes highly recommended.

We provide services to dog professionals and businesses throughout the United States—and we’re proud to be endorsed by the industry’s leading dog business consultancy, dog*tec. What’s more, distance isn’t what it used to be. We provide secure electronic data transfer, and can communicate with you via email, Skype, or phone. And if you’re still using spreadsheets and keep your receipts strewn in a drawer, we can help with that, too.

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Tax Tips For Dog Businesses

Do you ever worry about which auto expenses you can deduct without incurring the wrath of the IRS? If so, you’re not alone. Read the Dollars & Scents blog to find out what’s acceptable and get practical tips for keeping accurate mileage records.



What Our Clients Say

“Marie is smart, friendly, and the perfect storm of a financial and tax savvy CPA as well as a fully trained applied dog behavior professional.” 

–Jean Donaldson, Founder and Director, The Academy for Dog Trainers

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