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I have known and worked with Marie for more than 10 years. She is smart, friendly, and the perfect storm of a financial and tax savvy CPA as well as a fully trained applied dog behavior professional. She has helped many of my students with tax focused webinars, starting up new businesses as well as providing financial and tax services to them. She knows dog businesses inside and out as a practitioner as well as an accountant. A truly unique blend of skills that benefits the community of professionals devoted to dogs. I’d highly recommend seeking her advice and services for your business.

– Jean Donaldson, Founder and Director, The Academy for Dog Trainers

I advise most of my dog business clients to hire a bookkeeper and CPA. What a delight and a relief to now be able to give a specific recommendation to a CPA with such an impressive financial background—who also understands what it is like to run a dog business. I’ve known Marie for 10 years. She is exactly what our industry needs—a consummate financial professional with the friendliness and approachability of a dog pro. If you make your living working with dogs—or want to—you’d be wise to put yourself in Marie’s hands.

– Veronica Boutelle, dog*tec

I am so thankful to have found Marie! I may own a dog training business, but that doesn’t mean I know how to run the business side of things. I have peace of mind knowing that the financial side of my business is in the best of hands with Marie and Dollars & Scents.

I cannot recommend her any more highly than I already do. If you have a dog business, you should be working with Marie so you can focus more on the dogs.

– Nick Hof, CPDT-KA, Owner & Trainer, Paws Look Listen

Saying I’m “not a numbers person” wouldn’t do it justice — I’m certifiably mathophobic. So when I started my first business in 2012, I didn’t know how to file taxes as a self-employed sole proprietor. Marie not only prepared my vouchers, but also explained her calculations in simple, straightforward terms. She was also affordable, fast, thorough, professional, and above all friendly. Marie made my first time doing quarterly taxes super-easy!

– Mat Thomas, Marketing Writer

In addition to her skills in finance and accounting, Marie is articulate, energetic, and very bright. She’s a pleasure to work with in any capacity. She possesses and displays enormous energy and creativity. Her creativity shows in her work as an accountant. She is relentless; she will tirelessly and enthusiastically seek the best financial vehicles to serve any client. Referring clients to her for financial counseling and tax work is a privilege and a real plus for my practice.

– J. Michael Ozier, attorney, Billings, MT

I have worked with Marie for the last year and have observed her amazing attention to detail. She grasped the tax and financial implications of our business in a manner that has helped us immensely. For example, she was able to delve into the aged receivables of our business which increased our cash flow tenfold.

– Margo Peabody

Marie has been a wonderful friend to me over the years. Not only has she assisted and advised me in my veterinary practice with canine behavior cases but her business and financial counsel has been crucial to the start-up and success of my veterinary practice.

– Jane Nibler, DVM Silver Run Veterinary Associates, LLC. Red Lodge MT

Marie was instrumental in setting up the accounting and tax structure of a business venture of mine. Her knowledge of partnership accounting and taxation has been enormously helpful in achieving our financial goals and she has come to know our business as her own. Marie is intimately involved in the financial decision-making process of the business and truly cares about both our short-term needs and our long-term success. It’s a pleasure working with her.

– Matthew B. Gallinger

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